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Why they hired

To introduce the Customer Experience culture within the company as a way to contribute to the Customer abandonment rate reduction after the trial period

What we have done

We implemented our Customer Experience training courses in 3 steps:

Step 1, “Training on the job”: Customer Journey mapping, VOC collection, customer loyalty rate measurement through our Customer Quality Centers and identification of improvement actions on the most relevant touchpoints

Step 2, “Round &Go” and classroom training: usage of dynamic methods for the training of all personnel on Customer Experience issues

Step 3, “Put into action” of the new methods and processes: systematic measurement and reading of NPS and VOC, delivery of the engagement process with our Customer Quality Centers, the definition of improvement actions.

Objectives achieved

Customers’ abandonment rate has reduced from 20% to 8%
Personnel started to approach the Customer centricity as a real corporate strategy
The Italian approach was the reference model for all the other countries

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