Introduction to business development

We support companies in developing commercial activities by defining and managing campaigns for:

Inbound marketing and lead generation in multi/omnichannel mode to acquire Customers

Prevention and retention to build Customer loyalty and enhance the Customer base


We develop projects aimed at processes optimisation and digitisation, IT systems introduction/revision and organisational redesign.

Methodology of Customer Experience

We gather information related to the context, objective and strategy of the project/initiative through structured interviews with sponsors and main stakeholders, analysing state of the art through data and on-site coaching.

We design a new reference model with the identification of the interventions needed based on an analysis of the benefits they generate and the level of complexity of the implementation in the company context.

We guarantee support in the post-implementation phase with control and measurement activities to promptly correct any anomalies and further improve the results. We use the Lean Six Sigma methodology and support projects with project and program management activities. We also benefit from partnerships with market-leading companies to provide appropriate technological solutions (CRM, ERP, …).

Our Services