Introduction to Customer Experience

Our approach to Customer Experience integrates reference models and direct experience in the field.

Reference models on Organization, Processes, Buyer Personas, Customer journeys, NPS, Voice of Customer, Sales

Operational implementation through feedback from our Customer Quality Centers on the Customer’s needs

The methodology developed by Customer Experience Italia requires, first and foremost, assessment of how the end Customers perceive the interaction with the company, product or brand. Starting from an extensive collection of qualitative and quantitative information on the activity, processes, touchpoints and Customers themselves, we identify the critical issues and areas that need improvement, then plan targeted interventions and a detailed implementation plan.

We support the Client in the execution of the interventions, and if necessary, we become the partners for the implementation of the agreed activities.

We verify the results to generate a virtuous process of continuous improvement. We use expertise and methodologies consolidated over the years, through partnerships and collaborations with leading operators in the sectors functional to the execution of the project.

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